This project is by and for Machali, maintaining its cultural, environmental and social heritage. We understand its needs and its issues. Our main urban design objective is based on showing respect for its space – it’s possible!

Really attractive innovative spaces, immersed in public-private surroundings with excellent connectivity – this project has as strategic aims the creation of various areas , where alternative transport methods, free circulation and dynamism will combine to make up a new transport system.

This project also seeks to increase the energy efficiency, safety and comfort of its occupants, for their ease of use and accessibility.


We seek to provide quality for all the services and experiences, valuing the time of the people who decide to live in the area. To deliver the best result we are working in conjunction with world-class, outstanding professionals, building the project with Alonso y Balaguer Architect Associates firm.


The Parque Machali project is situated almost at the border with Rancagua, in an area where residential use, to the South and East, meets a mixed commercial and office use area to the North. The new Machali Center, and the Office Pole, make up an important center of activities within the municipality. The Casona Machali is an events center but also a Cultural Center, an important meeting point for the community.


Companies cannot ignore the impact they have on the community. They cannot think they do not have a direct influence on people’s quality of life. It is no secret that many projects lead to increased conventional transport and dependence on the automobile – this has a direct affect on the environment, natural resources and above all the quality of life. It is therefore necessary to create the conditions for a non-conventional transport system that is responsible and sustainable socially, economically and environmentally. We aim to improve people’s daily lives!

One of the strategic points of our proposal is the creation of a system where movement on alternative means of transport, free circulation and dynamism make up a new transport system. Gran Parque Machali encourages and promotes the use of alternative transport – efficient, responsible and sustainable. We want to emphasize that alternative transport is not just riding bicycles, walking and using public transport. We must consider connectivity relationships, the combinations there should be between the various methods or technological systems for mobility that are respectful of the environment. They should generate the least possible impact and the greatest harmony with the surroundings.

Reducing traffic and minimizing automobile use, encouraging the use of public transport, promoting sustainability and a healthy life style, are some of the advantages of developing spaces that think of benefits for everyone.

Decidedly, we have to foster and promote a culture of sustainable transport. We have to be responsible and be able to develop rational and conscious alternative transport, at the same time respecting, valuing and caring for our surroundings.


One of the strategic points of our proposal is respect for our heritage and the creation of a system where movement on alternative means of transport, free circulation and dynamism make up a new transport system. Development combined with respect is possible. The restoration of the Casona Machali has been a priority objective within our master plan. It is our moral duty to incorporate an historic building in an array of contemporary architecture, to generate an original development of great utility for the community and also profitable for the investors.